История с китайским чаем

Поехала у меня крыша после китайского чая. Чай просто выпустил мои проблемы наружу, а так причины всех психозов надо, конечно же искать в детстве. На чай я вышла через китайский медицинский центр в Амстердаме. Сидела, помню на работе своей, банки анализировала, и думаю: «пора бы вылечить гастрит.» Гастрит меня к тому времени задолбал, именно он … Continue reading История с китайским чаем

On the matter of paranoia

You know, occasionally, I have this feeling that I am witnessing the stuff which most people don't even find normal. Such a profound immersion into my own  head, in order to ask questions and reanalyse them deeper aand deeper. I often ask myself about things in a deep and profound way, for instance: why did … Continue reading On the matter of paranoia

Moscow and the arrival of capitalism

I was a teenager when the Soviet Union collapsed and suddenly I found myself in a new country and in a new regime. As things go in life, when you have to live through the unbelievable, you adjust pretty quickly, especially when you are young. Still, the changes that my country was undergoing right before … Continue reading Moscow and the arrival of capitalism

Madness as manifestation of the world around. Moscow in 1990ies

Having looked at Moscow in 1989 in my previous post, we are going to stay there for the time being, but move a couple of years forward. We are staying there, because I want to start demonstrating that madness is not just a state that affects individuals at some point or another, but can also … Continue reading Madness as manifestation of the world around. Moscow in 1990ies