Madness and falling in love in Amsterdam

I wouldn’t ask this sort of questions about madness if I wasn't confronted with the debate first hand so to speak. Doctors call most of my experiences as delusions, but I strongly disagree. There is always a chance that the entire population might be delusional, and it is the mad who see the truth. But … Continue reading Madness and falling in love in Amsterdam

Madness as response to boredom

I wasn’t battling with depression when I got mad, but rather with euphoria. I had this feeling that something magical was awaiting me in the near future. That the life I knew now would be transformed into something much more interesting and fulfilling. I suppose that practically everyone reaches this point in life nowadays, at … Continue reading Madness as response to boredom

История с китайским чаем

Поехала у меня крыша после китайского чая. Чай просто выпустил мои проблемы наружу, а так причины всех психозов надо, конечно же искать в детстве. На чай я вышла через китайский медицинский центр в Амстердаме. Сидела, помню на работе своей (в финансовой компании), банки анализировала, и думаю: «пора бы вылечить гастрит.» Гастрит меня к тому времени … Continue reading История с китайским чаем