Psychosis, Russia, Kashpirovsky and mass hypnosis

Before we launch fully into the phenomenon of what the psychiatrists define as ‘psychosis’, we need to set up a scene. ‘Psychosis’ as such as defined as ‘a loss of touch with reality’, but my aim (a humble one) is to demonstrate, eventually, that those who go into this state (naturally) often reach another reality, … Continue reading Psychosis, Russia, Kashpirovsky and mass hypnosis

Madness is not mental illness

Having witnessed the recent debate around the term 'mental illness', triggered by the comments of President Trump, I should say at this point, that 'madness' I am talking about on my blog, has nothing to do with 'mental illness'. Madness as I describe it here, is a state of mind when one reaches out from … Continue reading Madness is not mental illness

What is Madness?

But let's go back to the beautiful city of Amsterdam, and start looking at madness again. Madness struck me in Amsterdam on a rainy day, in all its manifestations (psychiatrists call it 'psychosis'), but the signs, the coming of it, so to speak, started much earlier. But what is madness precisely? What does it hide? … Continue reading What is Madness?

A short visit to a psychiatric hospital

Hello dear friends! I had a long break from any online presence, but now I am back. I won't hide the fact that I was fighting with stigma. I was fighting with myself. You see, I don't really believe in my diagnosis. They got it wrong. If they had to deliver anything (the psychiatrists), then … Continue reading A short visit to a psychiatric hospital