God of Mystery, God of Truth

I as You, I have problems to understand the Bible because it isn’t a manual, it was passed to us through mysterious work of God.
As a fellow Christian I struggle with Church which puts women down, and I struggle among people who call themselves Christians but are not really Christians because they don’t lead their lives like ones.
A Real Christian is a person who doesn’t judge you and follows the Christ. A real Christian is kind, but knows how to defend the Christian kingdom.
All answers are in the Bible, and I am looking forward to read this blog I repost it here because as you, I struggle to interpret the Bible and I want the answers.
The writer is a real Christian whom I met back in Sheffield among other Christians who brought back my faith in Jesus

Good people,
Most royal greening verdancy,
Rooted in the sun,
You shine with radiant light,
in this circle of earthly existence
You shine so finely,
it surpasses understanding.
God hugs you.
You are encircled by the arms
of the mystery of God.

– Hildegard of Bingen

Hello, world!

This blog exists because I need a place to talk about things that excite me about the Bible. I typed that word ‘excite’ just now and felt astonished by it because I actually mean it. I’m excited about the Bible. That is no small thing. I spent years hardly reading the Bible at all. There were years when, as Sunday approached, my stomach would go into knots and I would think, oh no, not church again. I suffered for decades from physical symptoms directly linked to trauma inflicted by other Christians. When it came to church, I wanted anything but church.

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Bad Witches in Russia

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On the matter of paranoia

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