The Hospital

Hello my friends, as you have probably already noticed, I am in a psychiatric hospital yet again. I landed in the one in Leeuwarden this time as I had moved into this beautiful city in November last year. And so: we are in the Netherlands. The first thing I checked was to look that no … Continue reading The Hospital

Taylor Swift. The Prayer.

I wrote this post below (presented as a quote) on my other blog (reserved now only for private readers) a while ago, but I feel it needs an update, and a reminder. Maybe you do remember as I do, the attempt to damage the beautiful, the most amazing talented singer, THE BEST, Taylor Swift, some … Continue reading Taylor Swift. The Prayer.

The Russian Patient

According to the Chinese, everything in this universe evolves within yin and yang energy. Yin represents the feminine, water and passive. Yang is the male, fire and active. Both have to be in harmony, which exists to maintain balance in our universe and within each of us.             My body had to undergo a major … Continue reading The Russian Patient

Психушка в Голландии

Проснулась я когда в больнице после чая, то не сразу дошло до меня, где я. Глаза открываю и вижу: камера на стене! Прям на меня смотрит! Ну я села на кровать и давай изучать в чём я одета. Про себя думаю: «похоже попала я в реалити тв!» Только вот как убей, не могу вспомнить, чтобы … Continue reading Психушка в Голландии

On being Mental: NHS and Game of Thrones

Dear Camarades, colleagues, friends, and readers of this blog. This is a first part of a story of two to come on my Porcupine’s wisdom teachings. Let’s start with part 1. When I was telling you about the fact that you shouldn’t despair in case you end up in a mad house during the festive … Continue reading On being Mental: NHS and Game of Thrones

When I was Jesus

    I was Jesus once, when I was in a psychiatric hospital. I knew that psychosis was coming and called emergency services because there was no one else to call. Mental health services are struggling, there is no coordinated effort, there is no place to go, if you need a safe place. So, the … Continue reading When I was Jesus

What happened to my country? What happened to Russia? What happened to this beautiful world?

I was born in a beautiful world, in a beautiful country, in Russia. The country that saved the world at some point in human history. It is sad that it isn’t mentioned enough in history books, while it should be the case, of course, all the time. If you don't know about it, I will … Continue reading What happened to my country? What happened to Russia? What happened to this beautiful world?

The Ship of Fools and our society

It was at the end of the fifteen century that Hieronymus Bosch painted his amazing painting, called the ‘Ship of Fools’. I wrote about it here, but want to come back to this piece of art once again. (Ship of Fools by Hieronymus Bosch) The painting as such was based on what was happening to … Continue reading The Ship of Fools and our society

Unique People: Be different. Be unique

I like unique, unusual  people, I genuinely do. I realized it another day, thinking why, for instance, I am attracted only to certain people and have, most of the time, weird, unusual and daring friends. I am unusual, and I attract unusual people into my life. By unusualness I mean unique outlook to life, the … Continue reading Unique People: Be different. Be unique

Let’s define the normality: the most boring tale

We are making yet another break in chronology about the events in Russia back in the 1990s to look at an important issue, which has been bothering me for a while. Let’s look at ‘normality’, let’s have a good look. Let’s even try to define it, because it has become relatively easy – the whole … Continue reading Let’s define the normality: the most boring tale