Alesso: We Could be Heroes.

It was in 2003 that I ended up in my first psychiatric hospital, driven there by my former boss and a colleague while I worked as a financial analyst of banks and portfolio manager at FDA (Financiële Diensten Amsterdam, same name as the American agency that approved all medication in the United States of America) in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.
it was while working at the company that I saw September 11 on TV in the local gym, and the next day witnessed the frantic work back at my job. Apparently it was a good moment to make some money and in total disbelief I watched my company to create portfolios of actions. It was weird for me as I just wanted to die because for me it was a moment that the world has surely come to an end.

how was it possible I would ask myself and with this enormous question on my mind I addressed God and marched into my new psychotic reality-the only way to survive when you deal with bad witchcraft on a global scale.

to be continued

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