Living like a Warrior of Light

‘’The warrior of light is a believer’ tells us Paulo Coelho in his great book ‘Manual of the Warrior of Light. The warrior of light, he recounts and teaches us, often encounters darkness, and fights with evil and various demons, but at the end of the day, he always chooses light, and searching for light and maintaining one’s faith, is the ultimate sword of every warrior of light.

The book is full of wisdom like many other books of Paulo Coelho, because he tells us a story of the fight between the good and the evil. He began this marvelous tale in his book ‘’The Alchemist’’ and since then continued to tell us this beautiful narrative in his many other various book, with the last one being ‘’The Archer’. In it he tells us a very important thing, such as ‘’Join with those who sing, tell stories, take pleasures in life, and have joys in their eyes, because joy is contagious and can prevent others from becoming paralysed by depression, loneliness, and difficulties.’’

These are great words that, especially, appeal to us now, in the current Corona crisis. People feel despaired, – you can feel it on a global scale. Lockdowns are almost everywhere, and people are tired, desolated and lonely. Sitting in the same routine day after day and not seeing faces behind the masks in the shops- this is something that can provoke depression in the most resilient human being. I can see it all around, the signs of depression, in the strongest individuals possible.

It’s precisely now that we need to channel our inner warrior of light. It’s a super-human effort but it can be done. It’s now that the priorities can be changed: instead of a trip to the gym that is closed, start enjoying the nature. Instead of a restaurant that is closed, think of a nice meal to prepare at home and enjoy it with nice classical music in the background. It is now the time to discover and rediscover the great books, the joy of reading, the gift of great music, and the gift of friends that still visit us or that we are able to visit.

The depression can only be combatted with light. Everyone is capable to be a warrior of light. It is fighting for goodness, and for goodness for all. If each of us radiates this light, the world will be a better place. All crises eventually stop, and goodness always prevails over the evil. If you don’t know what to watch during the lockdown, I advise you to watch ‘’Once Upon a Time’’ on Netflix, it’s a great series that remind us of that great wisdom, and they also remind us about forgiveness, another important aspect that Paulo mentions in his books. In the current crisis, especially if we feel unwell, we might feel that it’s because we did something wrong, that it’s the punishment for our past mistakes.

But everyone makes mistakes! Everyone stumbles! Everyone makes something in their lives that later they regret. But Everyone can be also forgiven. ‘’My dear, everyone makes mistakes. You’re forgiven, but I cannot force that forgiveness on you. It’s your choice.’ The True warrior of light accepts that forgiveness.’’ As Paulo Coelho tells us on page 115 of his ‘Manual of the Warrior of Light’.

Christian faith teaches us the same profound wisdom. We all deserve forgiveness (Christ said it) and we can all channel the inner radiant light. Listen to your inner angel, he is always to help you and guide you. He will never abandon you. Turn to him, and surround yourself with little bit more joy on a daily basis.

Because joy can be so simple: a song of a bird, a nice fresh piece of bread, a hug from a friend, laughter over a nice joke, or reading a great book.

Start living like a warrior of light, because it’s a life full of meaning, even during the most challenging times.

3 thoughts on “Living like a Warrior of Light

  1. It has been such a challenge to me for so many years to meet others on a similar path towards a similar place but who took a different route, and communicate with them in a way that reconciles the different things we were taught.

    So many other teachers stress the inner struggle, which never seemed that important to me. I was not the madman planting bombs in city streets. I was not the soldier searching for “the enemy” in a village full of women and children. I was not the one with the emotional problem who had become trapped in the “mental health” system, nor was I the predatory doctor delivering pills and electroshock for upwards of $100,000 a year in cold hard cash. I was not the problem, so why worry about myself?

    Throughout my life I met with both kinds of people. Those who saw the battle as mainly an exterior one and those who saw it as mainly an interior one. And of course I met many who did not see the battle at all, nor see any particular need to fight for anything. I met psychologists who saw the problem as on the inside. And I met political people who saw the problem as in others’ insides! I met engineers who wanted to solve it all with “technology.” And I met meditaters who just wanted to be “more spiritual.”

    Probably the first modern book I read that pointed towards the need for a combined approach was “I’m OK, You’re OK” which sought to teach its readers the basics of Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis. Like any good idea left to the field of psychiatry, the practice of TA had largely disappeared by the time I read about it at the end of the 1970s. The next good book I read in this vein was Dianetics. (I hate how the spell checker underlines that word, as though it never existed!)

    Hubbard taught that if you are concerned about war, crime and insanity in society, learn how to rid people of their “aberrations.” This made sense to me. I thought Hubbard was right, and so I joined his group.

    Psychiatry and its allies, in the meantime, were doing their best to burn all bridges that might lead away from their pills and electric shock to some teaching that would actually free people. And so many who were interested in the same goals that I was interested in were convinced that Hubbard’s way was wrong, if not actually dangerous, and that they should not take that route regardless of how much sense it seemed to make. It was really all a sham, they argued – just like psychiatry!

    Hubbard’s work was the first work involving both the human mind and spiritual healing (or liberation) that I ever studied. For me, it hits a home run. No other work that I am aware of even comes close to providing both a workable model for understanding human experience and numerous “technologies” for solving the problems of both the inner and the outer worlds.

    So many other teachings I see as mainly just “feel good.” Get right with yourself, or with God, and everything else will take care of itself. Well, that’s not how I want to live my life. I want to DO SOMETHING even if it doesn’t make a difference! And doing something probably does make a difference.

    Hubbard also teaches us how to:
    Get off drugs.
    Be moral.
    Study better.
    Be ethical.
    Organize our work and our lives better.
    Communicate better.
    Help our kids more.
    Help each other more.
    Help someone else go spiritually free.

    And he has provided an organization that works to assist us in all these things. Today it is a BIG organization. The biggest of its kind.

    Yes, we can stand alongside the light warriors, the meditaters, the Christians, the Jews and all the other people of this world who want to DO SOMETHING. But it really pains my heart to see so many beautiful people fall for the lies of those who have proven themselves to be our enemies (!!!!) and walk away from a teaching that could complement what they already know, plus add so much more rich understanding to their lives.

    It leaves me feeling lonely in a world where I should have many good friends.

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