Style by Taylor Swift

7 thoughts on “Style by Taylor Swift

  1. This certainly has plenty of that young person angst. But sometimes I long for Bob Dylan to come back and write good catchy songs about something else.

    Recently my emotional system has been running on more cylinders than it used to. But back when I had the love/sex thing more or less turned off, there was still plenty of punch in my feelings. According to one popular treaching, there are 8 different areas of life you can feel strongly about. The man/woman in your life or recently gone, or…, is just one of those areas.

    But now I know just how easy it is for the one most of those songs are written about to become dominant. Oh man!


      1. It is full of teenage angst! (anxiety, apprehension, or insecurity). What is a young girl worried about? Finding a guy that she can have a sexual relationship with who will treat her right and maybe be willing to commit to something more. The images are full of it. Taking off clothes, kissing and all that. To me the song is about a love relationship that endures in spite of everything. “We never go out of style.”

        But I’d like to see so many other relationships in so many other areas of life have a similar tenacity! Who really wants to hold ten different jobs in the course of his 40 or 50 years of working? Who wants to have governments he loves replaced by governments he hates, never stable, never consistent? Who wants to live under a constant threat of losing a planet or half of the living species on it? Who wants to go out of touch with their own sense of spiritual identity? Who wants to see his God invalidated in the public square? Who wants to lose his own life, suddenly and without warning, just because of something he said, or something his neighbor said?

        But so many of our young songwriters are full of that teenage angst and write so many songs about it. I imagine it communicates well to their audience. But “Kashmir” also communicated well to me. Or “Birdland” (Weather Report). Or “Winning” (most famous version by Santana). Or “Space Captain” (most famous version done by Joe Cocker). Wow! Where are those songs today? Don’t they communicate any more? I hope they still do!


      2. I but Taylor Swift talks about feelings which are also important. Yes, I agree with you interpretation that it’s the love that endures.
        If you followed her career you might know that she had a betrayal from a very famous celebrity couple and her album after talks about reputation, friendships, trust and very important human things.
        I really think she is the best singer in the world together with Robbie Williams


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