Feel by Robbie Williams

7 thoughts on “Feel by Robbie Williams

  1. exactly! And some music is so uplifting, and gives strenght and hope. I am listening to ‘Separation’ by the Russian classical composer, Mikhail Glinka, while having my coffee:)


    1. I have drifted away from music a bit as I got older. So much of it seemed mostly sad to me. While rock and roll seemed too frantic. I still like Brazilian music from the 1990s, though I don’t understand those lyrics unless I find a translation. The sad love songs speak more to me now, that I am experiencing that again in my life, but the simple songs of celebration and comedy are my favorites, The zouk of Kassav (also mostly 1990s) is another great source for me, though those lyrics are not in English, either. I also like Basia’s music. And I have enjoyed some Calypso, though those lyrics can border on the snide. Greek dance music, also; a simple celebratory kind of music.


  2. I like music with strong emotions and powerful words. I can’t live without music, but I can’t live without books too.
    Yes, I know what you mean by celebratory music- it’s good mood music. I often, however, listen to music to go deeper in whatever I already feel.


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