Madness is not mental illness

Having witnessed the recent debate around the term ‘mental illness’, triggered by the comments of President Trump, I should say at this point, that ‘madness’ I am talking about on my blog, has nothing to do with ‘mental illness’.

Madness as I describe it here, is a state of mind when one reaches out from the mundane reality of things. It is madness as seen in the works of Nietzsche and Van Gogh, it is the exploration of reality and recognizing that there might be another reality out there, magical and mysterious, but real and true.

The reality of reasoning and absolute sanity was brought upon us by the age of Enlightenment. Michel Foucault, the French philosopher, argued in his book ‘Madness and Civilization’ that how we judge ‘madness’ is a discourse, a reflection of economic and political forces of any given time. In the Middle Ages, for instance, mad people were looked upon with curiosity, but also reverence and even some admiration. It was due to recession, and the abundance of ‘asylums’ after the disappearance of leprosy, that the government in most European countries decided to turn them into some sort of factories, where all outcasts of the society, including the ‘mad’, would get a bed in exchange of some labor.

The economic and political forces of any given air provide us a guidance in terms of how we should judge and look at things. It also provides a certain stability to the society as a whole, when there are rules and regulations to follow. Psychiatry, as a very powerful institution, got the powers to first of all regulate the behavior of people, and care after people, as an after-thought. There are no medical tests to confirm one’s ‘mental illness’ (unless, there is a clear case of brain damage), and therefore, the current diagnoses, and the whole idea of ‘mental illness’ is just a consequence of the decision of some people to call it an illness. As an academic I position myself in ‘Mad Studies’ (read my article about Madness throughout Art in Disability and Society Journal here), and as an individual I see myself as a spiritual seeker, definitely not ill.

Madness as I talk about it, has nothing to do with ‘mental illness’. I don’t even know what it is, all honesty. Personally, I don’t feel ‘ill’ and I am certainly NOT mental. I also never received any care from the psychiatrists, apart from almost dying in their hands, from exasperation. It was also my fault, as I was always the one who would seek help in a hospital, when I went too far in my exploration of the other reality. But I never lost my mind, and I always remained lucid, even in what they call ‘psychosis’.

And so, let’s start exploring the ‘psychosis’ – what is it really? It is rare, unfortunately, that those who had the experience of it, can talk about it freely, as too many are destroyed by the psychiatrists and their pills, with the reassurance that it is an illness, it is wrong, and should be treated by punishing the patient in this vulnerable state. Psychiatrists discredit everything a ‘psychotic’ person says, and only describe it as a ‘loss of touch with reality’, accompanied by hallucinations and hearing voices which are not real’.

Having experienced it first hand (the ‘psychosis’), I can reassure you that it is NOT a loss of touch with reality, but seeing the other, true reality, and ‘hallucinations’ and hearing things, are manifestations of that parallel world. It is there, and stuff like, the Bible, were written with a purpose, as there is God, there is Jesus, and there is also the devil. I met them all. Most people in the state of ‘psychosis’ simply get an access to the proof that it is all true (God, Jesus, and devil).

The ‘psychosis’ reached me in Amsterdam, when I was analyzing banks. I was sitting behind my desk and watching the crows outside my window. As I remember, that morning a German bank was due with its results, and I was ready to write a news analysis.

But I closed my computer, stood up, and left the office, because I had encountered devil a month earlier, and after you meet him in real life, you reassess your life and what you are really doing in there.

I exited the office, and went to explore the parallel reality, which was staring at me, vivid and clear. Birds were singing and I could understand their language. An angel appeared to me at some point and he was real, and I knew I finally was reached by God.



P.S. I made a new video on my Youtube channel about things which are hard to believe in (watch it here)

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