Meeting the Devil

Amidyen wasn’t, obviously, the devil, but a very intense French man who happened to be in the same city as me (Amsterdam) when the summer months were beautiful, everyone was cheerful and people would come out and sit at the terraces, enjoying food and drinks.

But for the sake of the argument I will refer to Amydien as some mysterious force, because once you are proclaimed as ‘mental’, you need to live up to your reputation and justify the madness as some sort of craziness where one says or does something, considered as weird by the rest of our sane population.

No, Amydien wasn’t a devil, because he didn’t look like one. I saw the devil in his different manifestations (including the appearance next to my cot when I was three), and each time, he looked very dramatic, quite scary and as a total drama queen. Not a dating material, if you ask me.

His last appearance (to illustrate my point) happened several years ago when I was profoundly sleeping and suddenly started to experience a phenomenon known as ‘lucid-dreaming’. This is when you wake up in your dream and become aware that you are actually still in bed, while your spirit is fully awake, and you feel that you are getting out and moving around, with physical body staying behind.

I got out of my body on that night and went to the spare room, next to the window, that looks into my garden. It was a sixth sense, when I knew that something was waiting for me in the garden, and with a feeling of trepidation, I had a look and there he was. The Devil. There was no doubt on my mind that it was him, the scary element of most religions and magical stories. He was quite big, or, if I try to describe more precisely, stocky, with ginger hair running towards his shoulders and big green eyes, that were staring at me, not blinking.

I experienced a jolt of absolute fear, but under his hypnotising stare, didn’t have a choice but to stare back, getting panicky that perhaps he was after my soul, and I had to cling to what was mine at all costs. And so, while I started shaking and was terribly afraid, I dared to look defiantly into his eyes and managed to pronounce ‘Fuck You’ in a rather weak, but nevertheless, distinctive voice. I woke up back in my bed immediately after, sweating and unable to return to sleep for the rest of the night. I got out of my bed, properly this time, and went to check the garden, but it was deserted, with no visible presence of the devil, and I, obviously, started to question my sanity (for the thousand time), but once we see weird things, we can’t help it.

So, no Amydien wasn’t the devil, but meeting him somehow provoked my entrance into the magical world, where there is God (or Goddess), the devil, and all sorts of other weird manifestations.

Some call it ‘a loss of touch’ with reality, but I prefer to approach the matter from the perspective of my doctorate thesis. I apply critical thinking to it, so to speak. If some people see and hear things that other people can’t, then it doesn’t mean that these things aren’t real.


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